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On-site Program Consultants

CCR&R has a team of trained program consultants available to provide on-site assistance to staff working to improve or maintain the quality of their program and/or address specific challenges.

Current consultants include:

Quality Specialist

CCR&R's Quality Specialist:

  • Offers technical assistance and consultation on the ExceleRate™ Illinois
  • Answers general questions and helps guide providers through the quality improvement process
  • Provides guidance in understanding and using assessment tools (Environment Rating Scales, Program Administration Scale, & Business Administration Scale), as well as national accreditations
  • Provides on-site help to licensed programs with program improvement planning
  • Works in cooperation with and refers providers to other consultants, as necessary

Mental Health Consultant

CCR&R is a partner with Caregiver Connections, an early childhood mental health program which offers support from caring professionals with early childhood and mental health expertise. Caregiver Connections helps child care providers by:

  • Strengthening skills to support a child's healthy social emotional development.
  • Offering support in the development of partnerships between providers and parents.
  • Helping with problem-solving and working with parents on difficult issues.
  • Providing timely, helpful training.
  • Referring families to other services when needed.

Caregiver Connections offers a wide range of services and supports at no cost to those caring for and educating children, including:

  • Consultation with caring, experienced professionals—either in person or by phone.
  • New ideas that can help children develop appropriate social and emotional skills.
  • Support and training that equips you to deal confidently with difficult situations when working with staff and/or families.
  • Connections to screening resources that can identify developmental problems early.
  • Referrals to evaluation and family services.

Infant-Toddler Consultant

  • Identify infant/ toddler needs in each CCR&R area
  • Offer training, consultation, technical assistance services (on-site and/or by phone/email) to child care providers based on needs of the community
  • Assist child care providers with developing and implementing quality improvement plans
  • Develop and/or provide specific trainings for infants/toddler specialists
  • Work with community partners, e.g. businesses and schools, to increase awareness of the importance of brain development and the impact that high quality child care has on the developing child
  • Provide infant/toddler resources and guidance to the CCR&R staff
  • Work in cooperation with and refer providers to other consultants, as necessary

To request an onsite consultation or to speak with a member of the consultant team call CCR&R at 1-800-548-5563.

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CCR&R has consultants that will come to YOU to work on program improvement! Call CCR&R at 1-800-548-5563 for more information!