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Support for Family, Friend or Neighbor Care

Families have confidence that their children will be safe with someone they know. The decision to have children cared for by family, friends or neighbors is a choice made by most families because of established relationships and trust. To be exempt from licensing, no more than three children can be in care (including the person's own children under the age of 13) unless they are all from one family/household.

Family, friend and neighbors providing child care have a significant impact on young children's development. Through dozens of "teachable moments" everyday, they can help children develop skills that lay the foundation for school readiness. In addition to other services provided to early childhood programs and professionals, CCR&R assists family, friend and neighbor caregivers in better understanding how children learn by providing them with access to information, resources and support, These include:

Technical Assistance

CCR&R staff are trained professionals who can provide technical assistance to family, friend and neighbor care providers on a variety of different topics. Call CCR&R at 1-800-548-5563 and ask to speak with a child care specialist who will be more than happy to assist you. Or if you prefer, you can email us at

Quality Connection: Outreach and Van Visits

Family, friend and neighbor care providers can make the "quality connection" by scheduling a van visit to their home with the CCR&R staff. Hear what services CCR&R has to offer and receive a gift bag.

Quality Rating System - Quality Bonuses

Illinois has implemented a Quality Rating System for child care, often called QRS. Child care providers who receive payment through IDHS's Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and demonstrate that they have gone the extra mile to help make sure children are receiving an enhanced learning and care experience are eligible for a Quality Bonus or Add on to their monthly payments. The amount of the bonus increases as additional Level 1 training is completed.

ECE Credential Level 1 Training

CCR&R offers training to family, friend and neighbor caregivers that provide basic knowledge and skills for those working with or seeking to work with young children. Each training session is 3 hours long. A total of 16 three hour modules is available. If all 16 modules of this Level 1 training is completed, he/she receives an Early Childhood Education (ECE) Credential. There is no cost to participate in this training. This training is set up in 3 tiers. Completion of each tier results in an increase of amount of quality add-on payment for each child in CCAP. For more information about this training contact a member of our Consultant Team at 800-548-5563.

Quality Counts Child Care Grants

Quality Counts Child Care Grants (QCCC Grants) are usually offered once per year through Child Care Resource and Referral. This grant opportunity is to help purchase equipment and materials directly related to offering quality child care for the children you serve. License exempt providers who are currently providing child care in their own home will be notified by mail when this grant opportunity is available. The program consists of training and education in basic topics of child care, a home visit conducted by CCR&R staff or consultant and a stipend to be used specifically for child care equipment and materials.

Quality Connection van