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Employer Services

Time and time again research has shown that employers who have family friendly policies and benefits have less turnover, lower absenteeism, increased productivity and a stronger business image. CCR&R provides consultation and support to employers to assist them in supporting their employee's work/family issues. CCR&R services include:

Employee needs assessments on work and family issues

The purpose of a needs assessment is to determine which work/life options would best meet employees' needs prior to the implementation of new policies.

The most common methods used to determine employee needs are surveys and focus groups. Surveys can reach many employees quickly through handouts, mail, e-mail or even phone calls. Focus groups or seminars can provide more information about why employees hold certain views or why they rank alternatives in particular ways. They also can provide more detailed information and they are easily tailored for different groups of employees.

CCR&R staff are available to assist employers in administering and analyzing the results of an assessment of their employees needs, no matter what approach is utilize.

Onsite services

Staff from CCR&R can come to an employer's setting to explain services to parents, evaluate their child care needs and fax, phone, or mail referrals to parents. Information and checklists about quality programs for children will be discussed. Eligibility guidelines for the IDHS child care subsidy program will be explained with assistance in completing forms where applicable. The employer determines the number of days and hours on site. Cost will increase if staff is present at shift or non-traditional hours.

Enhanced referral service for employees

Employees of businesses who have agreements with local CCR&Rs receive enhanced child care resource and referral service and ongoing support in "making child care work". Enhanced services mean that CCR&R staff do the initial "leg work for the parent by making initial calls and confirming vacancies. CCR&R staff also provides personalized follow-up and continuing support for parents until they find satisfactory child care. Child care resource and referral agencies work in partnership with the employer to meet their employees' child care needs.

Work and family life seminars

Professional specialists in child care and parenting issues will present interactive parenting seminars during lunch breaks. Handouts and parenting resources will be distributed to all who participate. Cost: $100 per session.

To discuss these programs or a specific need of your business call the CCR&R Director at 1-800-548-5563 or email us at

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