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Coalition for Children & Families


The Southern Illinois Coalition for Children and Families currently helps facilitate the following initiatives.

Building Communities to Strengthen Families Network

Today’s families face many challenges. Support to overcome those challenges helps keep the family strong. Southern Illinois implements the Strengthening Families approach to build the following protective factors in families:

  • Parental resilience
  • Social connections
  • Concrete support in times of need
  • Knowledge of parenting and child development
  • Social and emotional competence of children

Strengthening Families is a framework developed by the Center for the Study for Social Policy over the last decade to prevent child abuse and neglect. This approach helps child welfare systems, early education and other programs work with parents.  The protective factors are informed by evidence from rigorous research and have widespread support from social researchers, child welfare officials, early childhood practitioners and policy experts. Since 2007, more than 30 states have adopted the Strengthening Families approach into their work with children and families.

The Building Communities to Strengthen Families Network is an actively engaged and committed group of educators, social service providers, child welfare representatives and community leaders who meet on a regular basis to network, learn and share information with the intent of strengthening their work and promoting better outcomes for southern Illinois families. For more information call 1-800-548-5563.

Healthy Children, Brighter Futures Conference

Healthy Children, Brighter Futures

This regional conference is held in the Fall and provides opportunity for the public and professionals to engage in learning about children’s health and is the only one of its kind in Illinois. The Southern Illinois Coalition for Children and Families is committed to partnering with area agencies and businesses to bring this conference to southern Illinois annually, strengthening our efforts to build healthier communities. For more information contact CCR&R at 1-800-548-5563.

S.I. Council for Early Childhood Workforce and Professional Development

This newly formed group (2013) is working together to improve the quality and capacity of the early childhood workforce through the coordination of professional development that maximizes resources and provides a continuum of learning opportunities. For more information call 1-800-548-5563.

The More We Know, The Better They Grow: Child. Development Awareness Project

The More We Know The Better They Grow

In partnership with the Centers for Disease Control, the Illinois Early Learning Council’s Early Childhood Action Partnerships and Illinois Action for Children, this comprehensive and collaborative outreach initiative has been designed to connect families/ child care providers with information on developmental checklists and the availability and importance of screening. The desired outcome is to increase the number of children ages birth through three that are screened for developmental delays and access the necessary early intervention services. Agencies, programs, schools, child care providers, health professionals and other can participate in the initiative by pledging to distribute educational information on child development in an ongoing and systematic manner.

For more information contact Lisa at CCR&R – 1-800-548-5563.

Williamson County Early Learning Task Force

In late December, Illinois was awarded $37 million dollars from the US Department of Education to focus on improving its early learning and development programs for young children. Included in the state’s proposal is a plan to work with six to eight targeted communities to develop and implement targeted strategies to connect the most-at-risk children with the supports and services they need. A flexible pool of resources will support the implementation of these local plans.

Prior to the Christmas holiday, CCR&R at John A Logan College worked closely with representatives from the Governor’s office to identify a community in southern Illinois where this important goal could be accomplished. We are happy to report that Williamson County has been chosen as one of the targeted communities for this work. Consideration factors in the decision included the total number of children ages birth to five years of age, the number and diversity of early childhood programs in operation and most importantly, previous collaborative activity and community capacity. Our region’s work as we have been developing the Southern Illinois Coalition for Children and Families is critical to the success of this project.

Members of the newly developed Williamson County Early Learning Task Force will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies to meet the identified goals. Those interested in participating in the Task Force and serving on one of its many committees, please contact Lori at CCR&R at 1-800-548-5563.

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Quality child care benefits all industries by enabling parents to work productively outside of the home and attend higher education programs to upgrade their skills.