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Coalition for Children & Families

About Coalition for Children & Families

Southern Illinois Coalition for Children and Families

CCR&R facilitates the work of the Southern Illinois Coalition for Children and Families. The Coalition is dedicated to providing leadership and support that builds strong communities, strengthens families, and promotes children’s success in school and life.

The Coalition’s primary goal is to develop a strong and effective infrastructure that promotes positive outcomes for children and families in southern Illinois. This is accomplished by communicating (issues, needs, programs, and resources), coordinating (partnerships between existing programs and initiatives, collaborations and events) and connecting (children and families with services, programs with resources, etc.).

The Coalition’s work focuses on four strategic areas as represented below.

  • School Readiness
  • Strong Families
  • Child Health
  • Engaged, Caring, and Supportive communities

Individuals, businesses, agencies or programs interested in being part of this important initiative can email for more information

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Quality child care benefits all industries by enabling parents to work productively outside of the home and attend higher education programs to upgrade their skills.